newspaper */*/*/

newspaper */*/*/
UK [ˈnjuːzˌpeɪpə(r)] / US [ˈnuzˌpeɪpər] noun
Word forms "newspaper":
singular newspaper plural newspapers
Talking or writing about newspapers:
general paper used especially in speech for referring to a newspaper: Ted sat quietly reading the paper. the local paper the papers used for talking about newspapers in general: The papers this morning don't say anything about it. the press newspapers and the people who work for them: He promised not to talk to the press about the details of the settlement. He's had a bad press ever since he was appointed. broadsheet a newspaper that has large pages, containing mostly serious news. Many broadsheets have now become compacts. compact a newspaper that has small pages and that contains mostly serious news tabloid a newspaper that has small pages, often containing a lot of photographs and news and information that is not considered to be serious quality newspaper used for talking about a newspaper that contains serious news and articles rag used for talking about a newspaper that you do not think is very important or serious: a tacky Sunday rag reading a newspaper headline a few words at the top of a newspaper report that tell you what it is about: The peace talks dominated last week's headlines. feature a long piece of writing in a newspaper, usually about recent news or the way people live: features about education and health leader or editorial a piece of writing in a newspaper in which the editors give their opinions about events in the news people who work on a newspaper editor the person in charge of a newspaper who decides what should be included in it journalist or reporter someone whose job is to write articles that will appear in a newspaper or magazine columnist a journalist who writes a regular series of articles for a particular newspaper or magazine correspondent a journalist who deals with one particular subject area: a war/foreign correspondent hack a way of talking about a journalist that shows that you do not respect them or their work: She's just a second-rate hack.
1) [countable] a set of large printed sheets of folded paper containing news, articles, and other information, usually published every day. There are two main types of newspaper, the quality or broadsheet newspapers that generally deal with serious news issues, and the tabloid newspapers that deal more with subjects such as sport, television actors, and shocking crime stories. A newspaper is usually simply called a paper

Katy was sitting alone reading the newspaper.

a daily/weekly newspaper

a local/national/regional newspaper

a) [uncountable] sheets of paper from a newspaper

He presented her with a bunch of flowers wrapped in damp newspaper.

b) [only before noun] in a newspaper, or connected with a newspaper

a newspaper article/report/headline

a newspaper editor/journalist/columnist

2) [countable] an organization that produces a newspaper

He wrote to the local newspaper.

The newspaper went bankrupt in 1983.

English dictionary. 2014.

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